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He was born with a severe hunchback, and a giant wart that covers his left eye. He was born to a Gypsy tribe, but due to his monstrous appearance he was switched during infancy with a physically normal baby girl, Agnes.

After being discovered, Quasimodo is exorcised by Agnes's mother who believed that the Gypsies ate her child and taken to Paris, where he is found abandoned in Notre Dame on the foundlings' bed, where orphans and unwanted children are left to public charity on Quasimodo Sunday , the second Sunday of Easter, by Claude Frollo , the Archdeacon of Notre Dame, who adopts the baby, names him after the day the baby was found, and brings him up to be the bell-ringer of the Cathedral.

Due to the loud ringing of the bells, Quasimodo also becomes deaf causing Frollo to teach him sign language.

Although he is hated for his deformity, it is revealed that he is kind at heart. Though Quasimodo commits acts of violence in the novel, these are only undertaken when he is instructed by others.

Looked upon by the general populace of Paris as a monster, he believes that Frollo is the only one who cares for him, and frequently accompanies him when the Archdeacon walks out of Notre Dame.

Frollo lusts after a beautiful Gypsy girl named Esmeralda , and enlists Quasimodo in trying to kidnap her She is later revealed to be Agnes, the baby Quasimodo was switched with.

Phoebus ties Quasimodo up and has him whipped in front of a jeering crowd. Frollo allows Quasimodo to be tortured as punishment for failing him.

Esmeralda is later entangled in an attempted murder — committed by Frollo, who had stabbed Phoebus in a jealous rage after spying on Esmeralda and Phoebus having a night of passion — and is sentenced to hang.

As she is being forced to pray at the steps of Notre Dame just before being marched off to the gallows, Quasimodo, who has been watching the occasion from an upper balcony in Notre Dame, slides down with a rope, and rescues her by taking her up to the top of the cathedral, where he poignantly shouts "Sanctuary!

Esmeralda is terrified of Quasimodo at first, but gradually recognizes his kind heart and becomes his friend. He watches over her and protects her, and at one point saves her from Frollo when the mad priest sexually assaults her in her room.

After an uneasy respite, a mob of Paris' Truands led by Clopin Trouillefou storms Notre Dame, and although Quasimodo tries to fend them off by throwing stones and bricks down onto the mob and even pours deadly molten lead, the mob continues attacking until Phoebus and his soldiers arrive to fight and drive off the assailants.

Unbeknownst to Quasimodo, Frollo lures Esmeralda outside, where he has her arrested and hanged. When Quasimodo sees Frollo smiling cruelly at Esmeralda's execution, he turns on his master and throws him to his death from the balcony in rage.

Quasimodo cries in despair, lamenting "There is all that I ever loved! After reaching the Gibbet, he lies next to Esmeralda's corpse, where it had been unceremoniously thrown after the execution.

He stays at Montfaucon, and eventually dies of starvation, clutching the body of the deceased Esmeralda. Years later, an excavation group exhumes both of their skeletons, which have become intertwined.

When they try to separate them, Quasimodo's bones crumble into dust. In the novel, he symbolically shows Esmeralda the difference between himself and the self-centered yet handsome Captain Phoebus , with whom the girl has become infatuated.

He places two vases in her room: Esmeralda takes the withered flowers from the crystal vase and presses them passionately on her heart.

In Disney 's animated film adaptation of The Hunchback of Notre Dame , Quasimodo is a very different character than in the novel.

He was voiced by Tom Hulce and animated by James Baxter. Unlike in the novel, Quasimodo has two eyes, with his left one only partially covered.

He is not deaf, and is capable of fluent speech. He has three anthropomorphic gargoyle friends named Victor, Hugo, and Laverne. Quasimodo is also older than his literary counterpart; he is about 20 years old in the film, while in the book he is about In the beginning of the film, a gypsy mother tries to sneak the hunchbacked infant into Notre Dame, but Judge Claude Frollo chases and inadvertently kills her.

Frollo attempts to drown the baby in a nearby well upon seeing his deformity, but the church's Archdeacon stops him and demands that he atone for his crime by raising the child as his son.

Frollo, fearing God 's wrath, reluctantly agrees, and adopts the child in the hope that he will be useful to him one day.

Frollo cruelly names the child Quasimodo, which in the film is Latin for "half-formed. He also lies to Quasimodo about his mother, telling him she abandoned him as a baby and that anybody else would have drowned him had Frollo not stepped in and adopted him.

Quasimodo nevertheless grows up to be a kind-hearted young man who yearns to join the outside world. Quasimodo sneaks out of the cathedral during the Festival of Fools, where he is crowned the "King of Fools" and meets Esmeralda, with whom he falls in love.

The crowd binds and torments him, however, and Frollo refuses to help as punishment for his disobedience. Esmeralda takes pity on him and frees him, and he helps her flee from Frollo's men in gratitude.

Following the gypsy's escape, Frollo is furious with his charge. After the festival Quasimodo witnesses Esmeralda singing " God Help the Outcasts ", but before he can talk to her, a parishioner who mistook him for causing trouble shouts at him, causing him to knock down a candle staff and flee back to the bell tower.

Esmeralda was terrified seeing Quasimodo being scared away by the Parishioner and follows him, while the Archdeacon stops the Parishioner when he attempted to stop her and Djali from following him.

Quasimodo eventually befriends Esmeralda, who once more apologizes to him for what happened at the festival and whom he helps escape from Notre Dame and Frollo's guards.

Before she leaves, Esmeralda gives the hunchback an amulet that leads him to the Court of Miracles after he tells her that he refuses to leave the bell tower to go there due to what happened to him at the Festival.

Afterward, Quasimodo encounters Phoebus and gets defensive towards him when the captain asks him where the gypsy was.

Back in the bell tower, the gargoyles think Esmeralda is in love with Quasimodo but he tells them it's not true. However, in the song " Heaven's Light ", he expresses his love for the gypsy girl and wonders if she loves him back after being the first person ever in his life to be so kind to him.

Later, after seeing Paris burned by Frollo, Quasimodo is worried that Esmeralda might be in danger, but the gargoyles cheer him up by convincing him that she is in love with him " A Guy Like You ".

Later, he offers sanctuary to an injured Phoebus, who is taken to Notre Dame's bell tower by Esmeralda after she saves him from drowning in the river.

He watches as the two lovers kiss right in front of his eyes. He is heartbroken, but when he hears Frollo coming, he can do nothing but push thoughts of Esmeralda to the back of his mind.

He hides Phoebus and quickly tries to hide what has happened from Frollo. Frollo, however, is already aware that he helped Esmeralda and announces that he will attack the Court of Miracles with a thousand men.

After he leaves, Phoebus asks Quasimodo if he can come with him to the court. Quasi initially refuses after realizing that Phoebus and Esmeralda are in love with each other, but ultimately agrees due to his friendship with the gypsy girl.

Using the amulet Esmeralda gave him, Quasimodo and Phoebus make their way to the Court of Miracles, only to be ambushed by the gypsies. Clopin , the king of the gypsies, accuses the two of trespassing their headquarters and orders them hang, but Esmeralda comes in time to rescue them.

As the gypsies prepare to leave, however, Frollo arrives and captures everyone present, revealing that he had secretly followed Quasimodo to the court.

He orders to his guards to chain up the hunchback in Notre Dame. The gargoyles encourage Quasi to save Esmeralda, but he tells them it's useless.

He then watches in horror at the square below as Esmeralda is being burned at the stake for witchcraft, breaks free, swings down, rescues her from her fiery grave, and holds her over his head on top of Notre Dame, calling for sanctuary.

In the ensuing battle for the cathedral, Quasimodo successfully prevents Frollo's guards from coming to harm Esmeralda.

Despite this, Quasimodo at first believes Esmeralda is dead, and when he sees Judge Frollo in the shadows with a dagger, he gets defensive with him and rejects all that his now former master has been teaching him about the world being cruel.

Esmeralda then wakes up and Quasi protects her and himself from Frollo, who tries to kill them both during the film's final battle.

Frollo then falls from the top of Notre Dame to his death, but not before he reveals to Quasimodo that his mother died trying to save him.

Quasimodo also falls but is saved by Phoebus. Ultimately Quasimodo is free from Frollo's hold over him and is free to live a normal, happy life.

Quasi also finally accepts Esmeralda and Phoebus' love for each other and gives the couple a blessing. In the end, Quasimodo is led to the outside world by Esmeralda in front of a large crowd of Parisians.

A little girl emerges from the crowd and hugs him. The crowd then hails him as a hero for his efforts, picks him up, and takes him away cheering.

Taking place several years after the original film, Quasimodo is now an accepted part of Parisian society, free to interact with the public, even becoming something of a town mascot; however, he continues living in Notre Dame with Victor, Hugo, and Laverne, and serve as the cathedral's bellringer.

As the city prepares for Le Jour d'Amour, which is a festival celebrating romance, Quasimodo, although excited, feels a bit uneven. Unlike everyone else, Quasimodo has no love interest to celebrate the festival alongside.

Esmeralda, who now acts as Quasimodo's confidant, reassures him that someone out there will cross paths with him when he's truly ready.

Meanwhile, the circus arrives in the city with a secretly villainous ringmaster, Sarousch and his cohort Madellaine. Once he does, she is to tell him the location so that he may steal it.

Inside, Madellaine wants no part of Sarousch's scheme but must obey or suffer the harsh world alone. Inside Notre Dame, she speaks with Quasimodo, who's hiding under a bell to prevent her from seeing his face.

The two become fairly comfortable with each another. However, when Madellaine finally sees his face, she runs away in terror, leaving Quasimodo depressed.

Even though their time was brief, Quasi begins to develop feelings for her. Hugo, Victor, and Laverne advise Quasimodo to head over to the circus, which he decides to do.

He meets up with Esmeralda, Phoebus, and their son Zephyr , and they all head for the circus together.

However, she notices Quasimodo and Zephyr's close relationship and realizes that he is a wonderful person inside.

Quasimodo and Madellaine head off on a tour through the city, falling in love during the process. The next day, Quasi feels odd and goes to Esmeralda for help.

She easily realizes he's in love and advises him to tell her the truth. Just then, Phoebus arrives openly blaming the circus for the sudden robberies going on throughout the city.

Quasimodo sticks up for Madellaine, who he feels is different, but Phoebus is not convinced. Madellaine tries to reject the demand but Sarousch threatens to murder Quasimodo unless she cooperates.

Quasimodo feels it's time to ask Madellaine the truth about their relationship and leaves her for a walk.

During their absence, Sarousch tricks Phoebus into believing Madellaine is the mastermind behind the thefts and two of his goons steal the bell successfully.

When Quasimodo and Madellaine return, Phoebus orders Madellaine arrested for the thefts which leave Quasimodo feeling betrayed and heartbroken.

Quasimodo, Esmeralda, Phoebus, and a captive Madellaine make their way to Sarousch. Quasimodo and the others venture into the dark catacombs.

They encounter Djali, who takes them to Sarousch and Zephyr. Sarousch forces Phoebus and the guards into opening the gate to allow his raft through by using Zephyr as a hostage.

Madellaine convinces Quasimodo to trust her again, and the pair runs up a stairwell. Quasimodo lassos a rock to create a tightrope, and Madellaine walks across it.

When Sarousch's raft passes beneath her, Madellaine seizes Zephyr from Sarousch's grasp. With Sarousch now robbed of his leverage, Phoebus's men quickly arrest Sarousch and recover the bell.

Quasimodo makes several cameos as a guest on House of Mouse. In episode " Jiminy Cricket ", Quasimodo was used as a reference for Jiminy 's quote "Maybe you'll meet someone special, maybe you won't," poking fun at the fact that Quasimodo did not get Esmeralda at the end of the film.

In the episode " Ask Von Drake " Quasimodo is seen clapping his hands while he watches Esmeralda dance on a table.

In the episode "House of Scrooge", Quasimodo's face is not deformed when you see him in the audience. In Descendants , Quasimodo appears as one of the heroes to have images in the Cathedral.

Much like the film, Quasimodo is forced to remain inside Notre Dame's bell tower , under the order of his master Claude Frollo.

During the Festival of Fools, Quasimodo sneaked out and ended up being taking part in the festival and being crowned the King of Fools. Dream Eaters were a part of his parade and they became Nightmares and turned violent when Sora arrived, who fought them off after.

Quasimodo met Riku when he entered Notre Dame for answers about Frollo. Having been informed by Frollo himself that he carried out business on the outskirts of the city, Quasi informed Riku where his master is and that the Archdeacon is away.

Riku questioned him as to why doesn't go outside and Quasimodo explained that it's because of his hideous appearance.

However, Riku encouraged him to find true friends who see him for who he is in his heart. Quasimodo later met Esmeralda and showed her around the bell tower.

After realizing that Frollo was plotting to kill her due to her ethnicity, Quasimodo offered her sanctuary and protection within Notre Dame.

She declined but gave him a woven band with the hidden location of the Court of Miracles , a safe haven for hunted gypsies like her.

When he heard from Sora and Phoebus that Frollo discovered the Court of Miracles and was going to attack, he used the band to lead Sora and Phoebus to the court in an attempt to warn the gypsies.

However, it turned out that Frollo tricked them and only pretended to know the court's location so that he could follow Quasimodo there.

Frollo reached the court with an army of Nightmares. Quasimodo rescued Esmeralda from her execution and took her to sanctuary within the Notre Dame.

Here, he learned that his mother had died while protecting him rather than abandoning him as Frollo said.

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Die Leute würden wahrscheinlich versuchen, mich zu stehlen oder sowas in der Richtung. Der Club von Luke Skywalker in Miami. Vor allem, seitdem ich ihm die Mädels weggenommen habe. Jeder Kunst ihre genialen Spinner. Ist es mit deinen Fingern nicht schwierig, einen Blunt zu rollen? Weil ihm seine tiefe Rapstimme aber nicht gefällt - seine Freunde nennen ihn gar " Barry White " - greift er zu einem Verfremdungseffekt: Bitte lade das Video! Die 10 schönsten Songs für frisch Verliebte mit Songtext. Wie ein Kind halt auch durch eine Tür gehen kann. Aus verkratztem Vinyl und Blaxploitation-Scores extrahiert und verboombapt er Geräuschloops. Wir kennen uns halt und kommen gut klar. Das war, als ich Peanut Butter Wolf geflaxt habe. Was hat es mit der Seymour-Geschichte auf sich? Der beinahe lebendlegendige Hip Hop-Producer Madlib höchselbst ist es, der sich hinter der bizarren rauchenden Comicfigur Quasimoto versteckt. Sie haben so getan, als ob ich da wäre, aber ich war es gar nicht. Noch keine Übersetzung vorhanden. Deine Stimme ist ja ziemlich hoch. Zukünftig bitte keine Videos mehr von YouTube blocken - Danke! Alle Leute reden von Madlib, dass er so viel und so coole Sachen produziert.

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1-Welcome To Violence He then fights the ajaccio fc Frollo, who taunts him with the truth about his mother. Even though their time Beste Spielothek in Nettelrede finden brief, Quasi begins to develop feelings for her. She drags him up on the stage for a competition to see who can make the ugliest face after removing their masks, presuming his deformed face to be a disguise. If you see a way this page can be updated or improved without compromising previous work, please feel free to contribute. Though Quasimodo commits acts of violence in the novel, these are only undertaken when he is instructed by others. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. However, Riku encouraged him to find true friends who see him for who he is in his heart. Please help improve this article by introducing citations to additional sources. He meets up with Esmeralda, Phoebus, and their son Zephyrem sieger portugal they all head for the circus together. However, he was trapped there and was led to believe by Quasimoto that his mother abandoned hurling deutsch. Retrieved April 24, Alternative hip hoppsychedelic hip hoptrip hopinstrumental hip hop. Esmeralda awakens and Quasimodo rushes her to safety. Judge Claude Frollobelieving that they had Beste Spielothek in Brandstatt finden something, stood in their way and gave chase to Quasimodo's mother when she ran, and delivered a kick to her, breaking her neck on the steps of Notre Dame and killing her. In the episode " Ask Von Drake " Quasimodo is seen clapping his hands while he watches Esmeralda dance on a table.

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